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2012-02-25 17:17:41 by shadowthe1337

After a few audio portal searches and listening to what people have, I may decide to do some covers. Green Day, Nirvana, Clash stuff mostly, but if anyone has any ideas, speak your mind.


2012-02-09 17:54:31 by shadowthe1337

well, this is a surprise. I come back to my favorite website and BAM! it's redone! I love it, but I no longer get to keep my evil aura. I'll still vote like such, if anyone is wondering, so don't get any ideas.


2011-12-01 17:34:30 by shadowthe1337

resolved to vote more like my aura indicates. 'nuff said.

art stuff

2011-08-01 13:50:46 by shadowthe1337

I recently purchased the Green Day album "Dookie", and was inspired to re-create the artwork from the booklet included, but revised to my own ideas. I hope to get it on soon, but it needs to be finished. I'll post when I can.

More stuff, coming soon

2011-06-28 15:01:35 by shadowthe1337

As I am on summer break, i actually have time to draw, so I'll have more art up soon. wish me luck!

nothing really...

2011-06-24 17:11:11 by shadowthe1337

finally got inspiration to get off my a** and contribute something to the art portal. all I need is to draw it...

contest (just for lolz)

2010-12-12 23:57:32 by shadowthe1337

after doodling in class a bunch, i thought of a contest to give to all you guys
what does he/she/it look like?
does he/she/it have lazors?
or mabye rockets?
or giant crushing pincers?
what do you think?
design (color if you like), and post your vision of what Anger Bot would look like and give me a link
all entries must have the tags anger and robot in them (just makes it easier to find them).
i dont have a specific due date, but i'll keep checking my posts for any entries
sorry, but it is just for fun, no frickin hoo >:-[
anyways, good luck and have anger!
i have my own versions, i'll post them when i can

back in black

2010-11-23 21:39:04 by shadowthe1337

finally got a chance to update my page, thank God...working on art, hopefully it'll get on the site (if i EVER scan it). nothin' new, but i'll let people know when something finally gets on the site...

Starcraft 2

2010-07-18 20:11:16 by shadowthe1337

Just a few more days...

nothing in particular

2010-06-21 17:34:02 by shadowthe1337

i realized lately that i really have nothing to do on newgrounds (the best game website on this planet, btw) except to say "you suck" or "You rock" according to what i play. but recently, i have been drawing starcraft artwork (peices made so far: 1) and i might just put it on the site, if just so i feel like i contributed SOMETHING to this wonderful place...